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NameJohanes Gumabo
BirthdayNovember 30, 1965
ExperienceAutomation and Control EngineeringAutodidact
Programmable Logic Controller ( PLC ) OMRONAutodidact
Proportional Integral Derivative Controller ( PID Controller ) SIEMENS OMRONAutodidact
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition ( SCADA ) SIEMENS OMRONAutodidact
Servo Drive and Motion Control ( SIMOREG ) SIEMENSAutodidact
Pneumatic Actuators and Valve Tranducer ( Control Valves ) SPIRAX-SARCOAutodidact
Pressure and Temperature Tranducer ( Controller ) Endress-Hauser OMRONAutodidact
Integration Weighing Systems Controllers‎ ( Load Cell ) PHILIPS ANDAutodidact
Instrument Landing System ( ILS ) THALESAutodidact
Air Traffic Controller ( ATC ) COMSOFTTraining by COMSOFT
Community Enterprise Operating System ( CentOS ) Version 6.10 / 8.0Autodidact

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Name:Johanes Gumabo
Birthday:November 30, 1965

X11 Window System:

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